My name is Priscilla Mtizwa (Cohen), I am 21 years old and originally from Switzerland, but moved with my family to Texas in 2006. My father is Zimbabwean and my mother is Swiss. I am very much European which is made very clear through out my blog:) I recently got married to the love of my life Samson Cohen. He was born in the US, but is just like me very much in tune with his European roots. His father is a South African Jew and  his mother was born in the UK. From a very young age he has been traveling all over Europe, Africa and the Middle East with his parents. Now that we are finally married we have decided to leave the US after  my husband finishes school (Toni& Guy Academy) and start our live together in the UK.♥

I am really passionate about Life; living life to the fullest, by doing what I love and feel Inspired in. I am trying to figure out my place on this earth, my plan and destiny. I feel that throughout the years, through finding new inspirations and passions I am getting closer and closer to reaching my Goals in life.

I love Whole Foods, Fashion, Traveling& overall Health. I am really passionate about finding new ways to improve my health, my well-being, inside and out. Over the years I have learned to embrace myself the way I am, without driving myself crazy by counting calories and letting myself  be bombarded by self-interested media and half-truths about how to look after myself. I try not to worry about my weight anymore; If I life a happily, healthy lifestyle my body will be in a perfect state of balance and health, naturally.

Everything I feel passionate about and Inspires me I share through this Blog, and I hope it will inspire others as much as it inspires me.

Thank you for visiting my Blog,