Matzo Brei for One {Happiness}

by priscillamtizwa

Break 1 1/2 Matzo squares into small pieces…

Soak with water until soft…

Whisk two Organic Eggs together…

Drain the Water and then add the Egg mixture and mix…

Warm up 1 tsp of Olive Oil in a skillet and add Egg & Matzo mixture. Stir as you would for Scrambled Eggs til the mixture is set and golden brown.

Add to a bowl and top it with Salt, Honey and Cinnamon.

Simple Jewish Deliciousness!

This week has been a bit hard for me, I didn’t feel well and had a hard time getting enough sleep.

Today I woke up happily feeling like a new person, more energy, more appetite, overall a well feeling.

I’m also starting to understand my body much more with which foods it needs and wants and which foods not so much. My diet has changed a lot for the past few weeks in general.

There are hardly any Vegetable I can get myself to eat except Salads. On the other hand, I enjoy eating fruits very much. I also crave Crackers and Bread a lot, but it can’t just be any Crackers or any Bread… When it comes to Bread, it has to be a nice fresh Whole Wheat Loaf. And when it comes to Crackers, I’ve started snacking on Matzo often throughout the day! Lastly, I crave Meat very much, hardly any Fish though…