Salad Craving& Food Aversion…

by priscillamtizwa

Organic Mixed Greens/Cherry Tomatoes/Grapes/Organic Eggs/Chicken Breast/Olive Oil/Lemon/Salt/Black Pepper

It’s been very hard to eat lately since almost nothing tastes good to me anymore. Most of the Food I used to enjoy eating, now makes my stomach turn by even thinking about it…
But there are other foods that I used to not eat very much of that I now enjoy eating.
Like Salad! My stomach approves of fresh vegetables, but many roasted Vegetables I just can’t stand at all, such as beets and Brussels Sprouts which I actually liked a lot fairly recently. My last food blog post was about roasted Beets and Brussels Sprouts, but the last time I ate any, I wasn’t even able to finish the meal.
The same with the Quinoa and Fish: I can’t stand them! Salmon is probably the only Fish I can still eat.
In fact, the only foods I can force myself to eat are Whole Grains (not just any though…), Fruits, Dairy (Yogurt&Cheese), Meat (Lean Chicken & Beef specifically), Eggs, Nuts (but no Peanuts or Peanut Butter) & Raw Vegetables.
Chocolate is weirdly one of the things I don’t seem to care about lately as well. I used to love Dark Chocolate!
Food Aversion isn’t the only problem during my first trimester of Pregnancy. Nausea has been a major problem as well. It’s making it hard for me to eat in general, because I get a very uncomfortable feeling which never seems to leave… and even if I feel hungry, I just end up eating very little since nothing seem appealing to me.
Activities that keep my mind occupied (such as exercise) help me very much with this issue… And of course what helps the most is the joy of knowing that a beautiful Baby is growing inside of me