Baby Fever {Healthy Life}

by priscillamtizwa

This Blog will soon be turning into an ‘Everything Baby Blog,’ since I am in my First Trimester of Pregnancy.


My Blog will still be all about Healthy Eating, Fashion and Life (which is obviously still very important to me, especially throughout my pregnancy!) Most importantly: Healthy Eating, which I am obsessing over even more now, knowing that everything I put in my body goes straight to my little Baby. So, nourishing my Baby with the best is all I’ve been focusing on and reading about.


I believe that being Pregnant doesn’t give me the excuse to eat whatever I want. I need to still focus on eating healthy (healthier than before,) only difference is that I now have to eat a little more than normal.


My life has been quite an adventure for the last few months. From meeting my husband, to getting married very shortly after, him Graduating Hair school, to now being Pregnant and soon moving to England…

So excited and ready for this fun journey my Husband and I are now starting on.


Being a young Wife and Mother has always been my Dream… And it has finally come true!


A grand adventure is about to begin…”


Stay tuned !