Fruits, Yogurt& Peanut Butter!{Heavenly Breakfast}

by priscillamtizwa

I looove Peanut Butter and I looove Greek Yogurt, I can’t get enough of it!
This is one of my most simplest& favorite Breakfast’s, with all my favorite delights:)

All you need is 3 different types of Fruits(GrapeStrawberries, Banana is my favorite choice), Plain-Nonfat-Greek Yogurt, All Natural Peanut Butter(I love the chunky one), Flax seeds & Almonds.

The Fruits should be cut into how ever big cubes preferred, and also the amount of each ingredient is up to you…

Add Yogurt, Peanut Butter, Almonds& Flax seeds

Oh, almost forgot, sprinkle a little dash of Cinnamon on top..

Mix it all up and Voilà! ( Doesn’t it look Heavenly?)