Happy Thanksgiving!

by priscillamtizwa

I hope everyone had a Great Thanksgiving yesterday, and ate enough!
Me family and I celebrated with very dear friends of ours, they made amazing food!
We baked all morning to take delicious treats with us to our friends house.

Here is what we brought with us, I wasn’t able to take any pictures yesterday so I made some this morning with the left overs…I will post a separate post for the Swiss Apple Pie recipe and Swiss Bread recipe sometime soon.

My dad baked his famously delicious Swiss Twisted Bread…

I convinced my Dad to make the Whole Wheat Version, and it was just as delicious, maybe even better!
This Bread was such a tradition back home, every Sunday morning, we had fresh baked Twisted Bread. My Dad makes it once in a while, for us and our friends, who go crazy over this Bread. This Bread tastes with any topping  from Cheese to Chocolate!

I made my mom’s amazing Swiss Apple Pie, which is nothing like the American version!..

My family and I love this Apple Pie and try to make it as often as we can!
Unlike the American version of Apple Pie, this Pie is eaten as a Meal not Desert. My mom would normally bake it for Dinner, which I prefer to do also.
It’s not nearly as Sweet as the American Apple Pie, but could be made into a Desert by making it sweeter, and adding Ice Cream or Whipped Cream to it.

Last I made yet again a loaf of Pumpkin Bread, but this time I used a different recipe using Greek Yogurt!

I love this Pumpkin Bread recipe the most, because of the Greek Yogurt it came out lighter and with the best texture!

The food this Thanksgiving was truly the best yet! And we still have so much left overs, we brought home, which means no cooking for a t least 2-3 days:)!