Healthy does not mean Skinny!{My Curves are here to Stay:)}

by priscillamtizwa

Workout is paying off! I love my Waist, no way I’m losing my Curves!

I work out and eat healthy, because it makes me feel Great, not to loss tons of weight. I like to Walk, Run and do Cardio 5 times a week, and I really want to try Yoga. I don’t do crazy workouts, I do not want to look too muscular or slim, I don’t even go to the Gym.. I like my Shape but always wanted to get a little bit more toned, and I feel my Body has changed quite a bit:) Me eating more Healthier has helped a lot. Eating Healthy and getting yourself moving really helps to feel great from the inside out.

There is no need to be extra skinny to feel great and beautiful, just take care of yourself:)