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Month: October, 2012

Swiss Dinner {Bread& Cheese}!!

My mom used to make this quite a lot in Switzerland for Dinner, and it was always one of our favorite meals!
To remake it here in the US it’s important to find good European Bread (NOT Toast, REAL Bread!), and good Swiss Cheese, and you can’t go wrong:)

I used Bavarian Rye from Central Market (the crust is very crunchy!)

Gruyere Swiss Cheese from Central Market (the best Cheese to use!)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees…

…Place as many Bread slices as desired on a Baking Sheet covered with Aluminium Foil.

…Top the Bread with as much Cheese slices desired (cover most of the Bread), sprinkle Paprika on each piece.

…Bake the Cheese for about 10 minutes until it is just about melted, but not all the way.
Serve right away, warm& crunchy!

So Delicious!
A piece of Home… a piece of Heaven… oh sweet, sweet Memories…


Just Fab

New pair of Daenery Ankle Boots by Just Fab ( so in love with them, they are so comfortable!) / Scarf f rom Word Market/ Forever 21 Jeans/ Nordstrom Shirt/Vest from Papaya/ Cross Stack Rings & 3 Stone Knuckle Ring from Tilly’s

I wore my red Paula Dorf lip gloss; I got 4 different lip gloss shades from a friend, and I am so in love with all of them!

Almost English Breakfast…

Heinz Beans ( from The British Emporium; these Beans are amazing!), Eggs (made egg omelette stuffed with cherry tomatoes)& Turkey Bacon.

Wasa Flatbread

Wasa Flatbread is my go to if I want to snack on healthy Bread, they have so many different varieties!

When I crave something sweet, I either top a piece of Flatbread with All Natural Peanut Butter, Banana slices and a pinch of Cinnamon

or I top a piece of Flatbread with a little bit of Butter, Honey and Strawberry slices…

There are lots of other toppings to try out, on their Website they have many recipe Ideas, that I myself want to try!

“A Star is Torn”

Lana Del Rey for Vogue Australia , October 2012

Birthday Weekend{20} !

I am finally 20,  definitely not a teen any longer! Had a great weekend Celebrating with Family and Friends:)

My Sister and Father decorated the House so beautiful for me; Candles and Rose Petals everywhere, and for Breakfast they got me fresh Croissants from Panera with Hot Chocolate:) I truly felt like a Princess!

On Saturday I wore a Dress from Lola (last seen HERE), with a Vintage Belt, and a light Cardigan from Forever 21,  which I tight together in the front.
On Sunday for my Birthday Lunch Out with Friends and Family at Cheesecake Factory, I wore a black pencil Skirt from Forever 21, with Black Zenana Outfitter Shirt ( also worn HERE), and I wore my new Chinese Laundry Ankle Boots that a Friend gave me as a gift:)


James Avery Jewelry, such an amazing gift!

( My Nails: L’oreal Pais Colour Richi Nail “Now you Sea Me” ( also seen HERE))

 Mary Kay Coconut Lime Body Lotion& Body Mist, smell amazing! Wet n Wild Nail Polish:)
Beautiful Word Market Wrap Scarf!

Gorgeous Yellow Roses!

Lots of Birthday Cards, each one so Unique:)

I truly had the best Birthday, I feel so Blessed♥! Sadly this weekend is coming to an end… but I am definitely ready for my 2o’s!

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