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Month: August, 2012

“Wild Cat”

Vogue Paris August 2012 by Lachlan Bailey


Be Realistic and Fair to your Body{Weight loss}

Many times when we try or want to lose weight we come up with unrealistic numbers….

What I am trying to say is that we all have a normal, ideal weight that fits with our natural Body Shape. For example we all grow up at one point in our lives, transitioning from a child to an adult. If you had a healthy childhood (active, hearty home cooked meals…) your body transforms into a healthy adult shape, you might still stay slimmer or become more shaper, either way it’s visible that you are no longer a child.

Anyways… the point is our body naturally transforms from child to adult. So we might naturally keep a slimmer figure or our body naturally becomes curvier, and that’s were we need to realize, that this is who I am; this is how I need to learn to accept myself. We all come in different forms and sizes. It is natural to gain a few more pounds or lose depending on our lifestyles and the way we take care of ourselves. And of course women who have or will go through pregnancies.

What I want to focus on, when it comes to losing weight is how much is too much. The best example to use to explain this is the difference between my sister and I, my sister just turned 16 and it is clearly visible that her body, her appearance is taking a more womanly shape day by day, year after year. But even though she is gaining more shape she still has a naturally slender figure. She is healthy, eats well, she takes care of herself. Her weight (around 110lb) is completely normal for her height, age and her natural body form, and I don’t think her shape will change much until she of course gets pregnant or lives a less healthy lifestyle.

But when it comes to me, I have quite a different story. My body transformed quite drastically, I went from being pretty slim to being quite curvy…during my time of transformation from child to adult we moved to a different place, a different environment. I did not get much of the exercise I used to get in my normal everyday life, and the food changed as well, no more healthy home cooking. I was never overweight but I didn’t feel as happy as I used to feel, my body was going through a normal transformation, but on top of that our new environment did not give me the healthy style I was used to. As I started to adapt more to the new environment, I learned how to get back into the healthy lifestyle I had before, ‘it doesn’t matter where I lived I can choose to life healthy or not’. So I taught myself how to cook, through blogs and recipes I remembered from childhood. I also got myself back in shape through getting back into lots of walking and doing exercises at home, by doing that my weight changed without me even noticing much of the change. I always judged my weight from the reflection in the mirror. I seldom came across a Scale, but when I did come across one, I was fascinated by how much weight I’ve been losing without noticing it mush myself. Of course the people that knew me and are close to me would tell me that I lost quite some weight. And that’s the scary part, when you don’t realize how much you are losing and you get too fascinated by the low numbers you come across every time you are standing on the scale. My father didn’t seem happy at all, about my weight loss; he loved me being curvier… which I still am! That’s why I don’t see much of a change myself, I still have my curves even after losing weight, I am still a curvy woman.  But if I would take it to the extreme and get too much into getting obsessed with the low numbers I get every time I stand on the Scale that would not be the case anymore. I feel great and healthy at my now 114lb at 5’1 ½ in.  I am a curvy Woman and that’s me naturally, I don’t need to lose more weight and should not pass past 120lb or get lower than 113lb for my particular shape and form.  If my sister is naturally slim and around 110lb me as being naturally curvier than her should not get any were too close to her weight!  I would not look like me anymore; I would lose my natural shape. That’s why I say we have to be realistic and not torture our bodies to a size we are and were not meant to be. It is also important for people, who have lost weight to not overdue it, because of being afraid to gain the weight right back. Even if there is a day or two you might have over eaten or gone out for a treat, don’t feel bad, don’t be too hard on yourself, LIVE!  For you might have not even gained any weight at all. If you balance it out right, you will stay around the same weight, without being afraid of gaining it all back. I hope his makes any sense…

I feel passionate about this, because I know that especially as women, we all have issues when it comes to our  outward appearance and try to compare ourselves to someone else.  Especially in this society were we women all told how we are supposed to look like and how to change ourselves, who we are, what diets we have to be on etc… which is a complete lie! Like I said before in one of my previous blogs, we are all unique, we come in different shapes and sizes. Do what is best for you not what is best for someone else, look the way you are meant to look, not trying to look like someone else. Yes, there are many beautiful women out there but you are one of them! Every women has something the other one does not have, and that is exactly what makes us all unique.

So to end this, I want to remind you all again; If you live a healthy lifestyle, by taking care of yourself, and the people you love, you don’t need to waste your live by over obsessing on your weight, but you will feel great inside and out, and enjoy life to the fullest:)

PS: Dress according to your Shape!

Closet Inspiration{Love}

Peanut Butter and Banana-Stuffed French Toast{With Love}

I haven’t been home much lately, so I wasn’t able to make any special breakfast for my Sister and Father. This morning I had more time at home, so I decided to try this Peanut Butter and Banana Stuffed French Toast Recipe from the Deen Bros. for my Father and Sister.

I used my Dad’s delicious Swiss Bread.

I did not add honey, the Banana’s give enough Sweetness, plus the Syrup at the end.

I did not use Butter but Olive Oil for the Skillet part.

I left out the Granola part and kept the Crust on.

This was definitely a hit! My Sister and Father really enjoyed this Breakfast:)

Peanut Butter Granola{Breakfast}

Love this Granola Recipe! Eveytime I make Granola I have to make me a Parfait:)

Black& Stripes {Classic}


 I wore one of my old H&M Pencil Skirt, a Black Zenana Outfitters Shirt, Pearl Necklace, My Nine West Side Purse(which I pretty much wear all the time), Black Stockings  and my favorite Paprika Heels( seen HERE, HERE& HERE)

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