Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake!

by priscillamtizwa

Yesterday was my Sister’s Birthday, and because she loves Cheesecake so much, I decided to try to make her one for the first time. It came out pretty good, she liked it:) I wanted to make one because I knew that I could find a Cheesecake recipe that would be way Healthier then the Original version.

For the Crust I had to use Honey Graham Crackers because I could not find the Chocolate ones.

I used Brown Sugar instead of granulated Sugar, and Whole Wheat Flour instead of all-purpose Flour

Because the Crust was sticking to much to the bottom of the pan I just keept it on…

I must say for making a Cheesecake for the first time, it came out really Delicious; knowing that with every bite I don’t have to feel guilty, made it even more pleasurable, indulging into it:)