“No Joke Cardio Work Out!!!!”

by priscillamtizwa

Goodness Gracious! I am definitely not trying to kill myself; I am definitely taking this one Step at the Time!

I have been doing Faithful Workouts every morning on the TV for 30 min. for almost 6 months now, and was devastated when my dad told me we are going to switch from Direct TV to AT&T. Finally I had found a great workout routine and now that… I hoped that AT&T might have that Channel where my work out was on as well, but they did not. I was so mad at my dad for not asking them before they came to do the switch. He felt so bad for me that he told me I can look at any work out DVD’s that are out there and order them for me. Still mad and furious at him I took my computer and started my search; this was not easy, for I am really picky! But at last I found one that really caught my eyes, I read the reviews, which were really positive and I also watch a short preview of how the work out goes down.

What I loved the most about the work out style is that it’s a lot of movement (aerobics) and working with your own body strength, I had to have both DVDs; More Cardio Strength and More Cardio Interval Burn, by Michelle Dozois. Like my dad promised me he ordered them both for me, and after almost a week of waiting I finally got both DVDs. This morning I was so eager to start my first DVD and get a feel of it, and as crazy I am and I think I can do it all, I went straight to the Work Out and tried to do it all in one sequel. That did NOT happen at all, because this is nothing compared to what I’ve been doing for the last 6month’s. I have never broken out in sweat like this and a hard time catching my breath like this in my LIVE!!!

But it will definitely be worth it and one of the most effective workouts I’ve done, with burning lots of calories, getting stronger and an increase in energy! I will take it one step at the time, until I get to do the whole 60min. workout routine in one sequel!

Now I need to go take a long walk to relax my body…