by priscillamtizwa

I remember when I watched an Indian Film for the first time, I was about 12 years old. My Best Friend and I had a sleep over and we couldn’t find any movie to watch, then I remembered how at school one of our friends told us about the Indian movies that come on every Friday night on TV. And even though we didn’t really feel like watching a cheese Indian movie, we chose to watch it. Well, we ended up totally falling in love with the movie, I even cried. Mostly all the Indian movies get translated into German. When we moved here my sister and I found out that Indian movies aren’t so big here in the U.S, and are not translated into English, only sub titled.

Any ways I was just totally enchanted by the first Bollywood movie I ever saw, and couldn’t stop watching them ever since. Indian movies are like no other movies. In almost every Bollywood movie there is happiness, sadness, grief, passion, love and adventure, all in one movie. What I love the most about Indian movies are the Clothing’s, the Jewelry, the Colors, the Singing, the Dancing and the length of the movie. But the most fascinating thing about Indian Movies are the actors and actresses, especially the actresses, they are so gorgeous, and so natural, if you look beyond the stunning Jewelry and Make up.

Here are some of my favorite Indian Actresses:

Aishwary Rai

She is one of the most well know Indian actresses, and was crowned Miss World in 1994.
She’smostly known as the most beautiful woman in the World, which I think she truly is,
she has the most beautiful face with the most gorgeous eyes.

Kajol Mukherjee

Rani Mukerji

Preity Zinta

Kareena Kapoor