Europe’s biggest Treasures…

by priscillamtizwa

What I love so much about Europe is that it is full of history; it’s mostly noticeable in the buildings, that have been build long ago and still stand today. If you go to any city you will notice that almost every building has been standing there for a long period of time. If you visit the country sides you’re most definitely going to walk into a Castle or palace, some places in Europe you can find them not to far from the city. What I love the most about our European castles and palaces is the architecture on the inside and outside, that makes each one of them so unique. And the beautiful Gardens around the Castles and palaces are breathtaking. Every historical Building is such a treasure, not because it attracts millions of tourists, but because this is the story of our history, we’re we came from. And it is so amazing to have a visual of how it used to look like, and how people used to live.

Here are some of my favorites:
Schönbrunn Palace in Wien Austria

This is one of my absolute favorites because this is where the story of Empress Elizabeth called Sissi took place. They portrayed her story through many movies, but my favorite was the one with Romy Schneider playing Sissi, which I absolutely adored growing up and still do.
The Costumes in the movie are unbelievably beautiful

The Palace of Augustusburg in Germany

The Palace of Falkenlust (Jagdschloss)

Moritzburg Castle

They filmed one of my favorite movise at this castle, Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbröde, is a European version of Cinderella.

Das Schloss Belvedere in Wien (Österreich)

Schloss Meseberg

Schloss Lednice in England

Castle Schleißheim

Château de Versailles

Buckingham Palace in England (Which I got to see, when we visited England)

There are so many more beautiful Castles and Palaces I adore…Got a little bit homesick looking at all this beautiful places in Europe…