by priscillamtizwa

Speech went great! What helped me get over being nervous before or during a speech is to just tell myself to calm down. There is no reason for me to be so scared to talk in front of people. And the funny thing is every person is going to have to stand in front of everyone and talk anyways, not just me…

And now I don’t even think much about it anymore, I just do what I got to do and before I notice, I already got it over with 🙂

My outfit for today:


Like I said I love scarves:)

– Stripped Jacket  Forever21

– Jeans Foever21 

Vest Papaya

Scarf Forever 21

 Boots are so old I think I got them at Payless..

Make up:

I just put on really simple make up today

Fast defining Mascara by Flirth!

Used the Eyeshadow for blush Flirt!

Lip palm with Pomegranate Oil

– Lipgloss Sally Hanson

I don’t use foundation or powder…got blessed with pretty good skin complexion, thanks to my dad 🙂

I actually never heard of the brand Flirt! http://www.facebook.com/FLIRTCosmetics Got lots of make up by that brand for Christmas, and I totally love all of their makeup products! The earrings are my sisters, she got them for Christmas, and I’m totally in love with them:) Infact I’m pretty sure she’s starting to get annoyed that I wear them all the time..lol